Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ways to turn orphans into sons and daughters!

We love God and we love extending His big Father's heart to the fatherless in Kenya.  Our mission in Africa has been to express and reveal the all-consuming love of Father God to those who feel alone and abandoned, street children being the primary group we reach out to.

Since starting a feeding program to street kids in Nairobi in 2012, we've watched the weighty presence of God show up and start to transform lives.  It developed into assisting the kids with medical care then bringing them in for shelter.  Then enrolling them into school.

There are many ways we've seen Papa God reveal His love to these precious souls and break the orphan spirit off of them.  Like any loving Papa (and He is the Papa of all Papas) He is very concerned that they have food to keep them healthy and strong, shelter to keep them safe and people to love them in spite of their drug addictions, dirty clothes, etc.  Another way is to see that they receive a good education.

In Luke 11:11 Jesus says ""Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead?" (a verse my adopted son in Kenya likes a lot).  So when our kids were asking us to please send them to school...we did.  And we didn't send them to just any school, but to one of the best we could find.  We thought that's what their Great Heavenly Papa would want.  So by the grace of God, and the help of some of His generous people, in the last few weeks we've been able to place 5 of them into a nice Christian boarding school.  It sits in a lovely setting about an hour and a half outside of Nairobi.  It's an ideal location for them as it's far enough from their old settings that they're able to concentrate on their studies.  It's also a good place to receive extra help with studies.  This is a blessing since some of our kids are far behind in school due to living on the streets for a long time.  Brian, for instance, is 17 and has qualified for the 6th grade.  But he has been learning Whose he is, he knows he's a son of his Father God and wants to receive the education he needs to help him fulfill the destiny that is on his life.  Counseling is also provided at the school as well as daily study in the Word.  We praise God for that.

We've also recently been able to place a 17 yr. old boy, named Simon, into a Christian Technical School to study electrical engineering.  In a recent message he says, "hey there thanks for your support, going back to school was my happyness, thank u, God blesss u."  And about His Papa he says, "I love Him so much, I'm proud of Him."  Two other boys have gone off to school in Western Kenya and another is in day school in Nairobi still where we are counseling the mom and trying to keep the family together.  A couple of other kids are requesting assistance to go to school as well.

That's what Papa God has been doing lately to love on precious kids in Kenya, who used to live on the streets, and are now on course to know who they belong to and to fulfilling the call on their lives.  Mostly to enjoying the deep, abiding love of their doting Father, who loves them for all eternity.

Our prayer is that you too are receiving increasing revelation of how great the Father's love is for you, and growing in that love daily.  He has an unending, bottomless supply of love and grace and peace to discover.  And just as it's transforming the lives of our precious ones, once street children, in Kenya, it will transform us, and our lives, in the areas where we need it most.  Like the father who won't give a snake to a son or daughter who asks for a fish, He knows just what we need when we need it.  Enjoy the riches and depth of His love for you in His presence today (Ephesians 3:20).

If you would like to make a donation (one time or ongoing), or sponsor a child through Sheltering Wings in Kenya you may contact Sheltering Wings at:
Sheltering Wings
P.O. Box 29565
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If your interested in child sponsorship for kids in Kenya you can ask for information there.  Sponsorship is a crucial way we provide for these precious ones and are able to offer them schooling.  It is $35 per month.

God bless you!
In His Love,
Tammy Donahue