Thursday, April 25, 2013

From the streets to school ~

18 children began a new a chapter in their changing lives this month as they began school here in Nairobi, Kenya.  For some of them this was their first time to attend and for others it was the first time in many years.  This is because most of them were living on the streets up until just recently.

It is a pretty amazing site to see a young boy walk off to school in the morning, remembering how just months ago I would encounter him on the streets begging as I went to the shop.  Usually he would ask me to buy him a new pair of shoes because he had none.  One time he managed to sell a puppy for 1000 shilling.  He then gave me the money to keep for him in my envelope bank for street boys.  He gave specific instructions to spend 250 on a pair of shoes, give 200 to someone he owed money to, and the rest was savings for Christmas.

Him and the 17 other children who just started school are now well on their way to fulfilling the destiny that God originally had in mind for them.  The devil no longer is stealing their future from them.  And they're able to live happy, healthy lives as all children should. 

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